Below is a list of targeted treatments you can request for the Signature or Indulgent facial.

We’ll consult about specific treatments when you arrive.

Celluma LED Therapy

Reduce wrinkles and turn back the clock with this non-invasive light therapy.
Celluma uses light energy to:

•Regenerate compromised cells
•Stimulate collagen production
•Reduce wrinkles
•Smooth skin texture
•Inspire a youthful glow

LED is a powerful modality that can be used in conjunction with a facial or by itself.
For optimal results, continuing the celluma treatment for 6 to 8 weeks is recommended.


Do you have blackheads or whiteheads on the forehead, chin, or cheeks? If so, these are signs you may need an extraction.

An extraction involves clearing clogged and obstructed pores. A professional facial is recommended for treating this common skin condition. As a licensed esthetician, I perform this treatment with precision and ease.

*Proper prep, consultation, and at home care is essential to ensure you receive maximum results.


Stress showing up in your face? If so… This ancient Chinese technique might be perfect for you.

Guasha is a facial massage used to improve blood flow and loosen tight muscles. This soothing technique is great for relieving stress, erasing dark circles, reducing puffy eyes, and restoring your natural glow.

Dermafile Treatment

If you’re searching for a safe, holistic alternative to chemical peels… I highly recommend the dermafile treatment.

Dermafile treatments consist of a skin polishing tool made from finely crushed cosmetic diamonds. This beauty bedrock is highly effective for aging and sun damaged skin.

Dermafile treatments don’t require any suction which makes it safe for sensitive skin. Lightly polish away dead skin cells and emerge with a rejuvenated glow!

The dermafile treatment is ideal if you want to

•Smooth fine lines
•Boost collagen
•Remove sun damage
•Smooth away dead skin cells and rough patches
•Leave skin feeling silky smooth

Microcurrent Facial

Want to maintain a youthful appearance? If so… This natural face lift will make your dreams come true.

Microcurrent is a safe and effective anti-aging treatment. During a microcurrent session, small electrical currents are admitted to enhance cellular activity, reduce wrinkles, tone the face, and promote ageless beauty.

Immediate benefits include:

•Tightened and hydrated skin
•Defined cheekbones
•Bright eyes

*Results are typically immediate. Book this anti-aging treatment for a special occasion if you want to shine your youthful glow.
Cumulative results apply. For maximum benefit, a series of
10 to 15 treatments within the first six weeks is recommended.

Kansa wand Facial Massage

Holistic skin care is essential if you want to maintain ageless beauty. The Kansa facial massage is a great way to get started.

This rejuvenating facial technique is based on ancient Ayurveda practices. It uses a device comprised of wood and kansa blend which includes copper, tin, and zinc. A Kansa facial massage is ideal for:

•Softening fine lines
•Revitalizing skin
•Reducing puffy eyes
•Relaxing neck and shoulders
•Firming jar lines and cheekbones
•Stimulating blood flow
•Restoring youthful glow

Ultrasonic Therapy

Get radiant results after one ultrasonic therapy treatment. This treatment uses high level sound waves to stimulate cells beyond the superficial layer of the skin.

The oxygenation action induced by an ultrasound aids in lymphatic drainage and disperses excess fluid. This powerful process reduces the appearance of tired, puffy eyes.

Benefits of ultrasonic therapy include:

•Sparking collagen production
•Reducing inflammation
•Promoting blood circulation
•Reducing under eye bags
•Gently exfoliating dead skin cells
•Removing toxins
•Fading age spots, redness, and scars
•Aiding in lymphatic drainage
•Giving a youthful glow

Ultrasonic therapy is safe and painless. After your session, you’ll be left with clean, bright, and toned skin.

Ultrasonic Exfoliating Skin Scrub

Embrace this gentle, peel like treatment. The ultrasonic scrub is a sonic wave procedure that generates vibrations in the skin to push nutrient rich serums deep within.

Get an unforgettable glow without irritation or harsh chemicals. Perfect for sensitive skin.

During the session, I’ll thoroughly cleanse your skin by removing any makeup, oils, or impurities that’s concealing your gorgeous face.
The ultrasonic scrub will help you:

•Exfoliate dead skin cells
•Reduce wrinkles
•Improve skin tone
•Promotes cell rejuvenation

Facial Cupping

This ancient beauty practice deserves all the buzz. During a cupping session, suction cups are placed directly on the skin to gently suck up sections of the face promoting:

•Improved blood circulation
•Tones skin tissues
•Tightened and relaxed skin
•Sinus relief

LHE Phototherapy Treatment

Reverse sun damage and remove age spots with this safe light energy treatment. During the session, pulses of light penetrate beneath the skin to:

•Stimulate collagen production
•Even skin tone
•Soften fine lines and wrinkles
•Illuminate your skin

Green Herbal Peel

Renew cells, boost energy, and turn back the clock with this natural peel. During this session, the herbal potion is massaged into the skin improving circulation and cellular repair.

The green herbal peel is great for:

•Stimulating blood circulation
•Improving skin texture
•Treating sun damaged skin
•Skin renewal