Pre and Post Surgery

NeoGenesis Products for Pre and Post Surgery

Pre/Post Surgery

NeoGenesis Skin Care Products for Pre and Post SurgeryThe health of your skin is never more crucial than the weeks before and immediately following surgery.  Carefully plan out your pre-op and post-op skin care to yield the most positive surgical results and increase your satisfaction with the procedure. Accelerated healing, less visible scarring and less skin irritation are all more readily achieved with proper pre and post-surgery preparation.

NeoGenesis Skin Care Products – Pre-Surgery

Four or more weeks before a surgery is the best time to begin using products that will assist the skin in getting to a healthy, optimal state.  This time is used to infuse the skin with all of the nutrients needed for skin to be at its best for the surgery.  It is important to be sure the barrier of the skin is properly protected and not compromised in any way.  The correct pre-surgery skin care plan helps the skin heal faster with less swelling and bruising at the surgery site.

Begin with gently cleaning the skin with the NeoGenesis Cleanser.  NeoGenesis Recovery and Intensive Moisturizer, used twice daily after cleansing, contain the patented stem cell molecules needed to drive nutrients into the cells to achieve optimal levels of healthy skin.  For additional hydration, add NeoGenesis Skin Serum after the Recovery and before the Intensive Moisturizer.  The skin is nourished, repaired, and ready for surgery.

NeoGenesis Skin Care Products – Post-Surgery

After surgery, the skin care plan should focus on soothing and healing the skin.  There may be pain, redness, swelling and inflammation at the site of the surgery.  Without the proper post care, there is an increased risk of scarring and infection. NeoGenesis Recovery serum is the perfect choice to calm the skin and accelerate the healing process.  The skin is soothed and heals safely.  You will be more comfortable and able to get back to normal daily activities more quickly.

Hydration continues to be a crucial step in post-surgery skin care.  NeoGenesis Skin Serum, Intensive Moisturizer, or Barrier Renewal Cream, applied following Recovery, continue to provide the hydration and barrier repair needed for the best possible outcome.  This important step alleviates post-surgery dryness and keeps the skin in an optimal healing state.  Use these products twice daily after the Cleanser until the skin is fully healed.  NeoGenesis is also an important part of a skin maintenance program.


Recommended Products for Pre and Post Surgery:

  • Cleanser
  • Recovery
  • Skin Serum
  • Intensive Moisturizer
  • Barrier Renewal Cream